K & L Alternative Livestock Sale

May 21st & 22nd 2016

at the Woodson County Sheep Auction in Yates Center, KS

located 3 blocks South of the intersection of 54 and 75 highways.

Admission $5.00


The following is a list of confirmed consignments for the next sale. As this is a consignment auction all descriptions are given by the consignor. All guarantees are between the buyer and seller.

For pictures see facebook.com/kramerlivestockfarm



1/2 yak 1/2 mini white park steer 7 mo. Old

3 year old dexter. Exposed to a White Dexter* bull. Gentle an easy to handle.

Longhorn cow an calf
2 Longhorn x Angus hfrs

Zebu consigned 2 yr 0ld hfr

2yr and 5 yr. Old cows

3 yr old longhorn/ shorthorn cross. With bull calf. An her 4 yr old sister. Bred to a longhorn bull. These cows are super friendly. Love attention, an treats.

Short an solid aged mini longhorn. With heifer calf

Exotic cattle dispersal
Yak bull 5 yr old
Yak cow 5 yr old 5 to 6 mo bred and yak hfr 1+ yr old
Yak Highland cow 7 to 8 yr old 7 to 8 mo bred...
5 yr old broke to lead 4 to 5 mo bred belted cow
1+ Highland hfr short bred and belted x yak hfr 10 mo old
6 yr old belted cow 2 to 3 mo bred
4 yr old dexter cow 7 to 8 mo bred
Zebu x hfr 4 to 5 mo bred
Minnie baddie hfr 8 + mo bred
Yak x bottle calf

5 yr old Jersey 8 mo bred to lowline Angus
4 yr old Jersey bred to lowline Angus due in sept can hand milk or use for nurse cows
4 yr old brown Swiss due in sept

5yr old dexter due in Oct. Bred dexter
3 yr old lowline due in August bred lowline

3 black dexter heifers. 1 is 2 months bred the others are exposed to a White Dexter bull

8 mo old Jersey x steer

Highland hfr. Tame used in petting zoo around 2 yr old

5 yr old zebu cow has been with a zebu bull

5 yr old belted cow 3rd stage bred
7 yr belted cow 2nd stage bred
3 belted hfrs. 2 are 10 mo old 1 is 8 mo old all were wormed middle of april

Watusi hfr calf

2 lowline Angus cows
1 mini Longhorn cow
1longhorn yrlg bull
2 Longhorn x Angus hfrs...
2 Longhorn steers
3 brahma hfrs
1 spotted bull cf
4 black Angus bull cf
6 beef x hfrs

two 8-9 month old water buffalo bulls very gentle

3 Longhorn x hfrs
1 Longhorn cow with x bred bull cf

5 month old Highland/Dexter heifer calf

2 and 1/2 month old angus heifer eat grain and grass

Brahma hfr. 9 mo old
Brahma bull 9 mo old
Yrlg brahma bull

14 month old scottish highlander bull calf


2 nubian nannys
4 nubian nanny kids
2 nubian billy kids

nubian billy

Spotted nubian nanny ...
Sheep including Romanov, mini cheviot, Jacob and dorper

15 head painted desert,Barbados, and black Hawaiian ewes
9 Jacob ewes 3 ewe lambs and a buck lamb

Pygmy goats consigned
5 males 2 females 2mo old
1 male 1 female 1 yr old
1 3yr old nanny
1 5yr old nanny ...
All have been wormed and utd on shots in last 30 days nanny's have been exposed to billy

Blue angora nanny
Pygmy nanny's
Pygmy and Nigerian kids nanny's weathers and Billy's

6 boer females 1 3mo 5 5mo old
1 boer billy 3mo
1 boer x billy 3mo
1 bottle baby pygmy billy...
1 sannen Dairy nanny due in Oct bred to boer

1 nanny fainting goat
2 pigmy nanny goats with babies by their side one baby is male and one baby is female.

4 hair sheep wethers
1 hair sheep ram little over a year

1 Nubian/boer billy little over a year
2 Pygmy nannies
2 Pygmy wethers ...
2 Nigerian nannies
1 Nigerian wether
1 Nigerian/boer billy kid



6 mo. female alpaca

1 male alpaca
1 female alpaca






mini mare around 34in

Mini gelding broke to ride

3 Mini horses
Two will be in the lower 30in range the other around 37in all are males still intact ages are from long yrlg to 2 yr old

Jenny donkey and baby
Jack donkey

2 yr old mini mare
2yr old mini Jack
1/2 quarter 1/2arabian mare broke to ride
2 mini horse Colts
1 mini stud


Pr mini pigs 8weeks old by sale
Spotted mini pigs 7 weeks old at sale time

5 mini pigs 8 wks old 4 female 1 male

Misc mounts including

Fallow Deer...

3 spotted mini pigs 2 male 1 female

Meishons pigs
2 female 1 male

3 breeder pr of emu


Pair yellow golden pheasants
Pair silver pheasants
Pair peach splash golden pheasants...
Pair splash red golden pheasants

Pair of black Sumatras
Pair of red shoulder Yokahomas
Pair of coronation Sussex

Pair of Opal Peafowl
Pair Mandarin ducks

Poultry including barred rocks, australops, Rhode Island reds

Pr Barhead geese
Sebastopol hen
Egyptian hen

2 India blue peacocks
1 black shoulder peacock
All are 3 yrs old
Baby chick's barred rocks ,buff orpington, Rhode Island reds all standard breed also Mille fleur banty chick's....
Other Consignments of chick's from 1wk to 1 mo old most will be x bred

pygmy pouters

Turken chickens
Rhode Island Red chickens
Buff Orpington chickens ...
Birchen old English game bantams
Spangled oegb hens
Blue Cochin bantams
Splash Cochin bantams
Partridge Cochin bantams
Easter Egger bantams


Scarlet chested parakeets
Breeder pr diamond doves
Baby hedgehog
Surgically sexed pr Patagonia conures

Baby American Aligator
Year old Iquana
Lutino Parakeets
White Parakeets ...
Several lots of colored
Breeder pairs Cockatiels
Spice Finch pairs
Bronze Wing Manakin pairs
Orange Cheeked Waxbill pairs
Assorted color of Zebra finches
Button Quail
Japanese Spotted Quails
Orange Weavers
Red Cheeked Cordon Blue pair
Cut Throat Finch pair

Breeder pr African ring necks
3 cockatiels

1 blue and gold macaw talks and tame
1 greenwing macaw talks and tame

female Richardsons ground squirrel and cage

male gecko


Sale Schedule

Saturday 11:00

Misc. items (These items will sell for approx. one hour.)

Crated Exotics, Bottle Babies, Ratites


Camel, Zebra, etc.

Sheep, Goats

Llamas, Alpacas

Mini Horses, Donkeys

Poultry and related items Swap all day

Sunday 9:00

All remaining equipment followed by all remaining poultry

10:30 Pet Shop type cages and Misc. followed by Caged Birds and Small Animals


NOTICE: All animals in this sale are for breeding, food, and fiber purposes only. All guarantees are between the buyer and seller. Announcements made the day of the sale take precedence over written material. We are not responsible for casualties, theft, or injury to animals or individuals while at the sale. We accept sound animals only. We reserve the right to deny entry to anyone for any reason.

TERMS OF SALE: Cash, Cashier's Check, Personal Check (with bank letter of credit) or Travelers Checks. NO EXCEPTIONS. Buyers are responsible for picking up registration and/or health papers at time of purchase. Waterfowl transfer (sale notice 3-186) must be completed before any North American waterfowl can be removed.

CAGE REQUIREMENTS: All birds and small animals must be visible and able to stand in cages that meet USDA and KS ANIMAL HEALTH DEPT. REGULATIONS. Small animals must have solid bottom cages with bedding. Poultry must have bedding and not be able to stick their heads out of the cage. Aviary birds must perch and paper covered bottoms. All cages must have feeders and waterers. All cages sell with the bird or animal. Cages should be labeled to indicate the number and species of birds or animals. Permit numbers must be written on the cage. NO CARDBOARD BOXES. No cages made of 2X4 wire. Consignors are responsible for feeding and watering their birds and animals.

TEST REQUIREMENTS: All poultry and game birds require pullorum test papers, in state and out. Cattle and Bison over 6 months old require negative TB and Bangs test. Sheep and Goats must have scrapie tags, if you do not have them we will tag them for a fee of $1.00 per tag. All out of state Equine must have a negative coggins test. Test requirements may change at any time. It is best if bringing livestock to call for information. Call Jim at 620-423-0832, or call the KS animal health dept. at 785-296-2326. All out of state consignments need a general health paper in addition to any other test.

PERMITS: Bring your USDA/USDI, State Game Breeder and Waterfowl permits. No interstate sale of endangered species will be completed unless both buyer and seller have the proper permit.

COMMISSION: All equipment, cages, poultry, small animals, aviary birds, reptiles, and misc. will be charged 15% commission or $2.50 minimum. No sale charge $2.50. Hooved animals and other livestock will be charged 10% commission. Sheep and Goat $3.00 min. cattle, llamas etc. $5.00 min. plus $1.00 per head yardage on all livestock. HORSE AND DONKEYS $15.00 MINIMUM. No sale fee is the minimum for each animal.

CHECK IN TIME: Livestock will be accepted on Friday from 2 p.m. till 8 p.m. and Saturday from 7 a.m. till 11a.m. Poultry will be accepted on Saturday from 7 a.m. till 8 p.m. and Sunday 7 a.m. till 9 a.m. ALL HORSES AND DONKEYS MUST BE PRECONSIGNED.

ADMISSION: $5.00 per day per person or $7.00 for a 2 day pass